Domestic Implementation

Our company, A48 Kft, performs “key to hand” construction and renovations in Hungary. Our construction company offers a complete service from design to completion of renovation, not only for private home owners but also for office and industrial construction.

The “key to hand” service has a great and obvious advantage; combining a single reference for different types and stages of work that would need multiple professionals. This would be difficult to coordinate all together if done alone, meanwhile, we offer you peace of mind. Our clients are relieved of all commitments for their local construction problems.

Our construction company staff at A48 Kft are able to uniquely manage all required work independently and the renovations on site are then coordinated in a timely and precise manner. All the work necessary to complete the final design is managed by A48 Kft. This results in improved quality of work, a reduction in the time and consequently lower costs.

Choosing our excellent services, customers can be sure of the costs because the costs are considered in a comprehensive way and include the overall implementation of the work.

With A48 Kft, you are assured that you are relying on a group of experienced professionals, who are closely following quality standards.

Our company provides ease to our clients. No hassle, no complications which may arise between different groups involved in the project. Through expertise of A48 Kft professionals, Engineers are overseeing the quality of the work site daily.